a solution for cleaning, depolluting and conserving water



This extremely compact and robust robot collects floating waste and oil autonomously or remotely. By acting as close as possible to the sources of pollution, it prevents the dispersion of pollutants into rivers, seas and oceans.


Equipped with micro-mesh networks (up to 150 µm), the Jellyfishbot collects fairing residues such as microplastics or antifouling dust. Its autonomy and obstacle avoidance capabilities allow it to clean a work area afloat without a dedicated operator. »

Commercial ports

Used in conjunction with larger structures, the Jellyfishbot's agility and versatility make it an invaluable asset for commercial ports. In combination with the booms it can collect waste from larger areas and contain oil pollution very quickly by implementing a Harbo Boom.

River ports, canals, lakes

With its draft of 25cm, the Jellyfishbot is ideal for collecting organic waste or in shallow areas. Furthermore, it is an excellent vehicle for environmental protection image and awareness in crowded tourist areas.

Golf courses

The Jellyfishbot collects floating golf balls on a water-based golf course. It operates for up to 8 hours autonomously in a defined area, requiring an operator only to empty his network.

Amusement parks, castles, hotel residences

Jellyfishbot is ideal for collecting waste on bodies of water. In autonomous navigation, it adapts perfectly to a public environment and allows, in addition to waste collection, to contribute to visitor awareness of environmental issues.


The Jellyfishbot is ideal for collecting waste on bodies of water. A self-contained image carrier, it is perfectly suited to a public environment and, in addition to collecting waste, helps raise visitor awareness of environmental issues.

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