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Compatible with iOS, iPadOS with Robot Admin App.

The most stable Robot Restaurant around:

Lucki is exceptional when it comes to transporting food and drinks with elegance and smoothness. Critical items such as wines, coffees and soups are not a problem for Lucki, we provide a restaurant robot that can work even in crowded environments. We can prove it to you: request a demo at your restaurant.

Strong AI:

We provide the most advanced artificial intelligence among delivery robots. Lucki is able to carry out tasks and solve problems that usually require hard work. Paired with a powerful QUALCOMM snapdragon® processor, Lucki bot is able to maneuver objects effortlessly and fluidly by scanning its surroundings.


“Does the Lucki bot tip over when it's busiest?” Our innovative suspension system makes our delivery robot exceptional in terms of stability. With our innovative technology, the delivery robot can communicate with other service robots to find the fastest and safest route. Even in fast turns and sudden breaks, your soup will be delivered with as little spillage as possible.

Slim Design

We designed the Lucki robot to fit the narrowest and most critical parts of its path. With an incredibly low footprint of up to 75cm wide, our engineers have managed to create a truly agile delivery robot. Additionally, with our sensors, Lucki can sense where objects are to avoid obstacles.